Welcome to my world

Hi Everybody!!!Welcome to my brand new Website!
Welcome to my World!
Im so Excited to share all my love for music and dance!
Here, you guys will know all the informations about my carrier, and the great news that is coming!

Thanks Everybody that is supporting this next level of my music carrier, im so happy to have people like you guys working with me: Joeblack, Riztocrat, PLGee, Basement Beats, Dj Hadji, Nana & D. Bledsoe. We gonna make it happen!

I wanna thank all the Dancers who contributed for the icon “Urban Dances” giving Knowledges for all of us:
Mr. Wiggles, Frank Ejara, Electric Boogaloos, Buddha Stretch, Father Julian De La Blanca, (Tyrone Proctor and Caleaf I still waitting for the Waackin and House Dance History, LOL).

Thanks Dandy & Co. to work hard on it, and handle my thousands emails 😉

Mom, Daddy, Pink (my dog!), Gabi, Rafa, Mary, Ju and Jana Love you forever!

Much Love to all Fans, My Pink Ladies, FreeStyle Force, D-Efeitos, Discipulos do Ritmo, Chemical Funk, Flow Sisters and all my lovely friends all over the world that are supporting me in some way!

Hope Everybody Enjoy it!
God Bless you All!
“Pai Livrai-me de todo mal, Amém!”

Angel B.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. Juliana says:

    Amiga, Muita sorte nessa nova etapa!
    Tbm TE Amo..pra sempre viu!!
    Te desejo força sempre. Garra e muita determinação!
    E você vai brilhar minha estrelinha!!
    Deus te acompanhe…em todos os momentos…!
    “To aqui”…longe mas torcendo mto…o tempo todo!!
    Te amo Imensamente!!!

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